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Community Veterinary Medicine Blog

Understanding the Importance of Pet Blood Work: An Overview for Pet Owners

Do you have an animal companion? If so, you want your furry friend to be content and happy. One crucial way to keep your pet healthy is through regular blood work. It would be beneficial to understand the significance of pet blood work, what it can identify, and what to expect.

How Often Should Pets Receive Vaccinations?

Animals, like humans, need vaccinations to stay healthy. Additionally, it is best to note that some vaccines may need booster shots to remain effective. Are you trying to determine the necessary vaccines for your pet? If so, it is best to consult a trusted veterinarian.

How Important is Pet Nutrition?

Like yourself, your pet needs a good combination of nutrients to function optimally. They require enough minerals, proteins, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates. Most commercial pet food manufacturers detail the contents of their foods to ensure that you know the right formula. Pet nutrition is not standard for all ages and depends on the pet.

Top 5 Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Pet microchipping is strongly recommended by all vets. But what is it, and what’s involved? Let’s find out.

An Introduction to Parasitology

Have you heard of Giardia? Are you concerned that your pet may have Giardia?

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